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Ace Fast Blinds
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  • Minimum order amount: $50
  • All of our 1 inch wood blinds are made of 100% kiln-dried selected hardwoods.
  • All blinds and shades will have the pull cords on the right side as a standard feature unless otherwise specified. You may specify pull cords on the left on the order form. There is no extra cost to make this change.
  • There are 18 colors in smooth stain or painted finishes for 1"and 2" and 6 colors in sandblasted finish for the 2" premium North American hardwood blinds.
  • There are 9 colors in smooth stain or painted finishes for the 2-1/2" premium North American shutterblinds (routeless).
  • Ends of slats are finished to maximize beauty and durability.
  • Wood valances, bottomrails, cord tassels and bottomrail plugs are stained or painted to match the slats.
  • Side returns on valances are miter-cut and glued.
  • Cotton cameracloth tapes are available in 17 standard twill colors and in 17 premium decorative colors for 2" blinds.
  • Steel headrails are color coordinated to the wood slats.
  • All mounting hardware is included
    (hold-down brackets, spacer blocks and extension brackets when specified).
Please note: Our wood blinds are a true wood product made from 100% kiln-dried hardwood; consequently, there will be variations in color, grain and texture – all characteristics of wood. The variations are more noticeable in blinds of light color. These variations are normal and natural and are considered acceptable quality.
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    Manufacturer List:
      Woodlands BlindsPatrician/Woodland Blinds Production Time: 3 days!

Looking for our larger sizes of 2", 2.5", 3" Wood Blinds or Faux Wood Blinds?

Patrician 1" Premium Wood Blinds
Patrician 1" Wood Blinds
Standard Features:
  • Wand tilter only
  • All blinds and shades will have the pull cords on the right side as a standard feature unless otherwise specified. You may specify pull cords on the left on the order form. There is no extra cost to make this change.
  • View the Matching Valance
  • Braided ladder
  • 100% Basswood slats
  • Headrail 1" x 1.5" x .024" thickness (corrosion resistant)
  • Standard Inside Mount Valance 2.375" face x .375" larger than headrail
  • Cloth tapes not available
  • Routeless and Rollease not available
  • Slats,valance,bottom rail,cord tassels and plugs are color coordinated to match with finished ends.

Production Time:
3 business days

Size Limitations
*Minimum Width - 8"
*Maximum Width - one blind 96"
*Multiple Blinds - 120"
*Minimum Length - 10"
*Maximum Length - 126"
*Wand Lengths:   12",20",24",30",36",48",60"
*Clear Lucite Wand Lengths:
  54", 72"

Blinds over 72" wide must be made as a two blinds (add 15%) or three blinds (add 20%) on one headrail.
Blinds with headrails over 84" will be subject to an additional freight charge of $85 for the first oversized blind per order and $50 for each additional oversized blind.

camera1" Wood Blinds
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Price Chart

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